Tuesday, 04 October 2022

Mountain Bike Race


Crosstraining session


Tennis tournaments


Online Escape Room


Soccer Game


Pilates Class


Zumba Class


Zero Waste Shampoo


Vinyasa Yoga


Craft Beer Tasting

Wednesday, 05 October 2022

Make your own Jewels


Table Football Tournament


Tennis tournaments


Meditation Session


Personal Defense


Zero Waste Shampoo


Bachata Dance

Thursday, 06 October 2022

GaS Race


Tennis tournaments



Friday, 07 October 2022

Tennis tournaments: FINAL

Saturday, 08 October 2022

Create your own slime


Sustainability Experiments


Code your Name


Morse code workshop


Zero Waste Shampoo


Orienteering Race


Graphic Arts Tours: Technology Tour (Adults)


STEM for kids Escape Room


Welcome to Demoland Tour (Children):


Titan Race

Past Activities

Masterclass with Jordi Cruz

Replay not available

Thanks to Fundación Pequeño Deseo we could offer to our HP employees a unique and unrepeatable cook Masterclass with the starred chef Jordi Cruz!


Learn Sign Language

Replay not available

On July 20 at 5 PM join this special session by the NGO La Nineta dels Ulls, an entity that has been selected in the Charity Journey 2021 edition, organizing a Sign language workshop!

The workshop will be hosted by Diana Bargalló, specialist in Sign language, who will teach us a few basics about how can we communicate with our hands. The idea is to approach and understand a deaf person’s reality while we learn their way to communicate.

Let’s destress our body!

Watch the replay

This activity has been organized thanks to the NGO CoraVis, to improve your joint movement in only 25 min!

Neurogym: improve your memory, agility and attention skills (Spanish activity)

Watch the replay here!

Are you ready to improve your memory, agility, and attention skills?

As part of the HP Charity Journey 2021 activities, the AVAN Foundation is kindly inviting all of us to a Neurogym session in which we will enhance our cognitive resources and optimize our cognitive capacity through new learning strategies.

It is addressed to adults and will be led by Silvia Ramos, a neuropsychologist from AVAN Foundation.

Check the slides shown during the event here


Wine informative session! (in Spanish)

Replay not available

The Nineta dels Ulls social entity is kindly inviting all of us to an info session about wine in which we will get information about:

  • The origin of wine and its composition.
  • The cycle of the vineyards
  • How wine is elaborated
  • Wine testing info


Watch the replay!

Let’s learn together how to take care of our garden! (Spanish Only)

Watch the video tutorial

You are all invited to a 30 minutes session on gardening! The staff of one of the six NGOs we are supporting on this Charity Journey 2021, Viver de Bell-Lloc, will share with us a 30 min video in which we will learn:

  • How to plant flowers
  • How to plant exterior plants
  • Tips and tricks on fertilizers and plague control

A the end of this session you will be able to attend a live Q&A with the team of the Viver de Bell- Lloc to ask questions and doubts.

See you this Friday 17th at 11 am! This session will be held in Spanish.

Discover the world of the Kente textile!

Watch the Replay

You are all invited to a 30 minutes session to discover how the world of fabrics has empowered the community of Aklobotonu, located in Ghana.

Andrea Doreste, the founder one of the six NGOs we are supporting this year at the HP Charity Journey 2021, Nukoko Ghana, will explain how the textile world is cooperating and giving value to the families of the locals, being the engine of change in the education of their children.

See you on Tuesday 21st at 16h! This session will be held in Spanish.

ALERT! If you stay until the end of the session, you will participate in the raffle of different fabrics coming directly from Ghana


Scratch Challenge for STEAM for Kids

Replay not available

Target ages: +8

Coding can seem very difficult to learn, but in the HP Charity Journey, we offer you one dedicated session to guide your children in the adventure of coding and building their own story. (English and Spanish sessions available)

Register here

We are Mediterranea GaS talk

Watch the Replay

The 1st GaS Talk features the sustainable start-up activewear brand Mediterranea , which will explain how they produce their clothes with plastics collected from the sea and fishing nets.

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Laughter Yoga session

Replay not available

Enjoy a lively session of Laughter Yoga with Celeste Greene, an internationally revered Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and US Laughter Ambassador! New to Laughter Yoga and not sure what to expect? Just bring your smile and your willingness to let go, be playful, and have fun! No particular exercise equipment or workout clothing needed.

During the Laughter Yoga session you’ll enjoy a series of exercises designed to get you laughing, as well as deep breathing exercises. By the end of the session you’ll feel like you had a workout just by laughing! We conclude with a guided relaxation and time for sharing.


3D Printing Applications Tour

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Our colleague Rita Bermudez will explain the most relevant aspects of this technology and show us the limitless applications we can produce! Also, prepare for a Kahoot and win great prizes.


Discover the potential of HP’s printing technology and applications

Watch the replay

Are you ready to learn about the portfolio of technology we demo at the Barcelona Experience Center and how Leon Site collaborates to develop some of that technology?

Connect to this fantastic tour, get to know curiosities about the business ,the printing technologies , and win prizes!


Science experiments for STEAM for Kids

Replay not available

Target ages: 8-16

Science is never boring! Our team of volunteers has prepared a series of experiments with easy to find resources in which your kid will learn while playing.

Get ready to experiment with: lava lamp, water bag, elephant toothpaste, and more.

Register here

Cybersecurity Quiz for STEAM for Kids

Replay not available

20th Sept- October 4th 2021
Target ages: +12

How much do you know about Cybersecurity? Test your knowledge and win prizes with the HP Charity Journey.

We’ve prepared a Kahoot you can respond to any time before October 8th on Cybersecurity for you and your friends to test your knowledge and win exciting prizes.

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Are you ready for the Fortnite tournament?

Watch the last minutes of this exciting tournament!

Target ages: +13

Our colleague Kris Sandor will lead this fantastic gaming tournament. Participate buying your 2€ ticket and, if we get to 50 participants, the winner will get an Omen 15!

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Somos lo que comemos

Watch the Replay

The nutritionist Marisa Burgos will explain how we can improve our physical and mental health trough the choices we make while eating. (Talk in Spanish)

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Escape Room: The Secret inside the library

Replay not available

Tuesday 5th of October, 16h

You are a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They have chosen you in the house you wanted, and you just had dinner with your classmates. When you go up to your standard room, the Prefect says that you will play a prevalent game among Muggles (yes, an escape room). At that moment, they close the door and leave you trapped). You have to leave the room without using magic. You will have to use your ingenuity (individually, in a group, or competing among those who play) to be able to pass the tests of the game and live an incredible magical adventure.


It is Bingo time!

Watch the Replay

Welcome to the most famous activity of the HP Charity Journey 2021, a journey that has been filled with great activities and talks, and most importantly where once again we have showed our HP Spirit, always lending a hand, for such a great cause! We couldn’t finish our set of activities any other way than with our traditional Bingo!

To participate, follow these instructions:

Password 113896


More about Bingo:  Have fun and play with thousands of HP friends online the traditional HP Charity Bingo with a new futuristic spin. If you are just a beginner, discover why this game is so popular and be entertained by the game master, Oriol Moliner.


  • Please accept this invite to confirm the attendance.
  • Please join the meeting 5 minutes in advance to avoid the delay of the activity.


Quiz time! Lets test your music knowledge

Replay not available

Friday 8th of October, 10h

Using the Kahoot platform, the participants will enter a competition that will test their musical knowledge. Packed with all-time greatest hits, this activity will trigger joy and laughs around all of us.


La importancia de la Actitud y Gestión del Entusiasmo by Victor Küppers

Replay not available

Friday 8th of October, 12h

Our attitude is determined by how we feel. When we bring the best version of ourselves, we work with enthusiasm, illusion, and passion. (Talk in Spanish)

Register here!

HP Charity Journey closing event 2021

Watch the replay 

Friday 8th of October, 15h30/17.00

Join us to close this special edition of the HP Charity Journey 2021. During this session, we will count on the participation of the management, we will recognize all the HP volunteers and share with the representatives from the social entities we are collecting funds for.

We will announce the winners of the different raffles and announce the final amount we have raised to help the six projects.


Chess Tournament

Date: Monday 3 October

Location: BBQ Area

Test your skills and participate to the Chess Tournament!

May the best win!

Tennis tournaments

Date: every noon and afternoon

Location: Tennis field

Tennis doubles tournament. All rounds will be played Best of 9 games (8-8 tiebreak) except the final, which should be played best of 2 sets. Open for women and men. Games schedule will be announced once registration is closed.


Hatha Yoga

Date: Monday 3rd October – From 15 to 16hrs.

Location: Forest

Our yoga style is hatha-yoga. It is an integral practice where breathing and body is prepared to access the asanas or postures to finish on a meditation time.

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Movie Projection: Grease

Date: Monday 3 October from 18 to 20hrs

Location: Auditorium B3

Come to enjoy a classic with your colleagues!  Grease will be on display!

We wait for you, bring your best vibes!

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