Nothing can stop our solidarity

The first HP Charity Journey, a three-months virtual journey, has demonstrated how we embraced the HP values collecting more than 51.000€ for 5 different charity projects.

We are unstoppable! This year’s first edition of the HP Charity Journey, replacing the annual charity days held in Barcelona, León or Madrid sites has been a major success that demonstrated the strong commitment of the company and more than a hundred volunteers that worked remotely for the first time to organize a great journey of activities that raised funds for 5 social entities.

The three-months packs of activities counted on more than 1.600 people participating in virtual events such as sustainability workshops, “rumba flamenca” classes, social activities for kids, drawing contests or the traditional charity bingo and GaS Race. Find below interesting data related to the event, such as the total amount of money collected, the volunteers who made it happen, winners from the different competitions and the videoclip of the year playing a song written, composed and played by HP employees from all Spain. 

                Thank you all for your contribution, time and support to make this virtual event an amazing success collecting more than 51.000€ for 5 different charity projects!

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