What is the HP Charity Journey?

The HP Charity Journey is a charitable initiative created and supported by HP employees. Its purpose is to support NGOs and their projects by collecting money through donations or activity fees. Every year many NGOs apply to have their projects selected and receive a portion of the collected amount. A committee of HP volunteers is in charge of discussing the NGOs projects and choosing a few of them according to the eligibility criteria.

You can read more about the history of the HP Charity Journey here.

You can see the selected projects for each year here

How can I participate in the initiative?

Become a Volunteer
If you are an HP employee, you can always participate as a volunteer in the Charity Journey! There are various workstreams you can contribute to (communications, projects and NGOs coordination, logistics, Sports and Race, HP Demo Tours and many more!). The communication team strives to reach everyone with information about volunteer recruitment, but if you missed it and are interested in collaborating with us, write us at charity.journey.barcelona@hp.com. We will let you know at which stage of the recruitment we are, and how you can help.

Become an Ambassador of a project
If you are an HP employee, you can be the ambassador of one NGO. The ambassador is the connector between the NGO and HP, presenting its project to the selection committee and following the entity through the entire selection process. The role of the ambassadors is crucial for the NGOs, because just the ones who have one can be selected.

Present your NGO at the Charity Journey
Do you have an NGO and you want to have the chance to receive a part of the amount the HP Charity Journey collects for charitable projects? You can present your social entity at our marketplace happening around February. Remember that to be selected, you should find an HP ambassador during or after this event. Only the NGOs with an HP ambassador are eligible to receive the final amount for their projects. If you want to participate to the next HP Charity Journey marketplace, write us at communications.barcelona-site@hp.com.

Read more about the eligibility criteria in the next question.

Who can donate to the HP Charity Journey?

Everyone can donate to the HP Charity Journey through our donation system in this webpage. HP employees, their family, friends and whoever wishes to contribute to a good cause can help us raising money for the selected NGOs.

Fill the donation form here.

Read more about how to donate in the next question.

How can I donate to the HP Charity Journey?

You can donate in three different ways:

By donations
You can contribute with a fixed amount of money: 5, 10, 15 euro or the amount you wish to donate. Fill the donation form here.

By purchasing activities tickets or participating in different campaigns
You can help us to raise money for the HP Charity Journey by purchasing the ticket to participate in the HP Charity Day, the GaS T-shirt and the other activities organized by our amazing workstreams. Also, you can buy merchandise sold to support different charitable campaigns.

When is the HP Charity Journey happening?

The activities for this year’s edition will happen during the HP Charity week, from the 2nd of to the 7th of October.

On Thursday 5th of October we will have the famous GaS race. You will be able to register and buy this year’s special T-shirt and participate to the race. We will communicate all the updates in September, stay tuned!

On Saturday 7th we will host the HP Charity Day at the HP Barcelona Site (Cami Can Graells, 1-21 08174), where all the HP employees and Contingent Workers can join together with their families and friends.

What are the requirements to present an eligible NGO?
  • The NGO should be focused on help and promote the development of a human community located in a specific geographic location.
  • The activity must be specific. Generic projects won’t be accepted. They must have precise timings and objectives.
  • The entities must have the entity certificate and have to show their fiscal credentials to prove the donation.
  • No religious or political associations are allowed.
  • The association or NGO must have been constituted in Spain.