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Comprehensive care for children with cancer

Thanks to this Project, 20 children suffering from cancer, could benefit from the following treatments: rehabilitation and physiotherapy, professional social assistance to the families, costs from medication and sanitary products, psychological assistance.

HP Ambassador Irma Laveda

Bringing technology (computers and internet connection) to a rural village in eastern Ghana

Provide access to technology to a village that has never had contact with computers or the internet before. Access to information is essential to achieve an equal future and with the main human rights covered. We will equip a school class with computers so that students can take the IT class that exists in the educational plan and we will develop classes for young people and adults in the afternoons so that everyone can have skills and promote those businesses or ventures. We will create as well a service to allow all village citizens to have internet access.

HP Ambassador Josep Pomés

One step forward for labour inclusion

That young people with difficulties acquire basic training, both at the level of transversal and instrumental skills, which allows them to prepare for their insertion into the labor market in the industrial sector.With machines and tools that are present in many jobs in the industrial sector.Tasks that simulate the jobs that will be found, and always with real materials provided by companies. Know the skills of people and train them so that they can be as prepared as possible. Accompany in the job search.

HP Ambassador Roberta Santarosa

Mobile application for early diagnosis of retinoblastoma, the most common eye cancer in infants.

This project aims at designing and implementing a mobile application for the early diagnosis of the retinoblastoma. This is one of the main objectives of the organization. Furthermore, this app could help to publicize the disease and its most common symptoms, namely, the leukocoria (also known as white pupillary reflex). Since this is a rare disease, most people do not know its symptoms and go to the doctor too late. An early diagnosis can not only save lives, but also avoid enucleation.

HP Ambassador Nuria Jornet

Medical Primary Care in the Emergency Campaign in COVID19 Pandemic in Calcutta (India)

This project is carried out in the Medical Centre located in the slum of Pilkhana, where more than 400,000 people live in situations of exclusion and extreme poverty. The objective of this project is to offer quality, accessible and specialized primary care with the capacity to respond to the growing demand for medical care.
This Primary Care project is part of the Community Health Programme that we have carried out since 2006. At present, due to the current situation, the demand for primary care has doubled, so we need to double the effort in the number of consultations and medications to guarantee treatments.
We ask HP for your collaboration to be able to reinforce the medicines available in the pharmacy department to respond to this increase in patients derived from public health services that are collapsed due to the pandemic.

Get rid of the abuse

It has the purpose of developing activities to prevent sexual violence and abuses in youth and teenage couples.

HP Ambassador Marifé Hernández

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