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Work fair for the Future Climate Leaders in Spain

This project aims to empower future Spanish climate leaders by actively promoting reforestation and environmental education as essential tools to achieve Climate Justice.​ To do so, we aim to organize a single-day event in three different schools to connect children with companies, NGOs, and Universities working to develop adaptation and mitigation actions to tackle climate emergency.

HP Ambassador: Sergi Perez Caballero​

Reps Against Cancer

“Reps. Against Cancer” is a project that focuses on people with a cancer diagnosis who are facing major surgery to remove the tumor. It works to improve the quality of life of people based on 3 main fields: training, nutrition, and physiological health. The program starts between the end of the chemo or radiotherapy and the surgery. During this lapse of time of 5 weeks, the patients will be training one hour a day, three times a week in sessions that focus on functional fitness, a strength and conditioning program to better their fitness and practical basis so they can face the surgery with a higher standard of health.

HP Ambassador: Helena Jimenez

Adapted Athletics for people with Intellectual Disabilities

Adapted Athtletics project is designed for people with Intellectual disabilities (ID) to develop their capacities, autonomy, health and work for their social inclusion positioning the sports (“athletics activity) as a gravity center.

HP Ambassador: Fernando Ruiz

Contes a dues mans

The project Contes a dues mans envisions a world without barriers for every deaf and hard of hearing child to enjoy culture and leisure. The objective is to generate 4 children’s stories in sign language and with them, grow our existing website/youtube channel EL PLANETA DELS CONTES.

HP Ambassador: Cristina Sabater

Purchase of equipment for the lunch and rehabilitation areas to provide social and health care to the elderly.

Purchase of new equipment to guarantee the social and health services offered to the elderly of the neighborhood of El camp d’en Grassot i Gràcia Nova (district of Gràcia, Barcelona).

HP Ambassador: Xavier Fernandez Diaz

Fishermen in favour of the sea: Protect the marine turtles

It is an awareness campaign for the fishing sector in Girona province. To reduce the impact of accidental fishing on sea turtles, CRAM will train and guide the fishers for corrective actions in the event of accidentally catching sea turtles.

This project also aims at involving the fishermen in all the turtles’ recovery process.

HP Ambassador: Yaiza Sanabria

Ceramics Workshop

Since 2010, Fundació 1957 has provided all the services to contribute to the personal enrichment and well-being of people with mental disabilities and their families. With the Ceramics Workshop Project, it aims at acquiring a ceramic oven as the main element for a new educational activity in our occupational center in the Sant Antoni district.

With this new oven, Fundació 1957 will impact the social development of 300 participants of the foundation. It will enhance the connection with local artisans and the district community by sharing the new oven in a collaborative space.

HP Ambassador: Francesc Ros

Club Digital

The Fundacio Salut i Comunitat has been working for more than 25 years to promote the health, social welfare, and quality of life of people in a situation of social exclusion. Although the NGO has several programs already ongoing, they are presenting to HP the project DIGITAL CLUB. Its main objective is to create a self-sustained social space to support people with a lack of technological resources and improve their digital skills, which is becoming a basic need.

The funding of the project will be dedicated mostly to hiring personnel to develop the methodologies and content to achieve the self-sustainability of the group and a minor part to updating and buying new equipment.

HP Ambassador: David Martinez


Empatias is a project that provides innovative occupational therapy for people in Catalunya with functional diversity. The project enables users to express their creativity and skills to make and sell handicrafts (sandals, accessories) to the general public. Users benefit from the creative process and by seeing the real value that their work has for society. Individuals of all levels of ability are able to participate, and together, we all contribute to a more inclusive and diverse society.

Empatias proposes to transform the current workspace and furnish 3 studios that will provide users with more autonomy, higher self-esteem, less dependency on staff, and allow room for future growth.

HP Ambassador: Alan Lobban

Development of the fruit value chain in Haiti: Strengthening the capabilities of a small group of producers

This project aims at supporting a group of Haitian women to manufacture and sell juices and drinks based on fruit surplus (that other way was going to be destroyed) as complementary income for them and their families.

The financial aid will support the project with infrastructure purchases and teaching.

HP Ambassador: Luis Miguel Brugarolas

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