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Find out more about HP Barcelona Charity Journey

The HP Charity Journey is an open doors site celebration held every Fall in HP Barcelona, where all HP employees and non-HP employees are welcome to visit HP’s facilities in Sant Cugat and participate in a day full of activities, always keeping in mind a social and charity purpose. Starting as a simple charity race called GAS -Guanya amb Solidaritat- more than 20 years ago by just 3 employees, the event has, up to date, collected almost half million euros to fund 45 different social projects presented by HP employees directly involved in them.


A group of colleagues, who usually met to run around HP campus, thought to run around the golf field of Sant Joan. They called the race ‘golf a sac (fast golf) as they have to turn around the golf field as fast as possible. This first race marked the circuit used for the following 5 years. This year from 5 to 10 runners participated


40 runners participated. Personalized certificates to testify the participation at the race were given to the participants.


The race started to become more and more popular, with up to 80 runners. At the end of the race the participants received the race t-shirt as a gift.

For the first time the participation fee is entirely given to charity projects. This year 120 runners joined. From now on HP donates the entire amount of the participants’ fee to the charity.

As consolidated charity event, the race changes its name from ‘Golf a Sac’ to ‘Guanya amb Solidaritat’ (win with solidarity), shortened in GaS, as it is called now. Now people who don’t want to participate running the race, can donating by buying a coupon contributing to the solidarity projects. This year 240 people participated.


The classic circuit changed with the purpose to pass through the wood. Also, a shorter trail is possible for the ones who want to walk. This year 350 participants.


With the purpose to persuade more people to participate, the bike modality is introduced for a non-competitive race. Now there are 4 ways to participate: running, walking, by bike and buying coupons. This year HP can support two solidarity projects at the same time.


The GaS race fits into the HP Charity Day (Family day) with the purpose to open the event to the employees’ families and friends. This change means a considerable increase in the amount collected thanks to the participation of around 700 participants.


The charity day becomes the Charity Week. HP employees enjoy one week of activities and events, and during the weekend they join with their families! All the collected amount for charity purposes keeps growing.


It starts the “take children to work” initiative! Where the HP employees bring their sons and daughters to the office, and all the family enjoys the site decorations inspired to a movie. This year was the year of the Bee Movie.


Record in the collected amount: 68k, donated for 4 solidarity projects, in Catalonia (2), Spain and Honduras.


The Charity Journey starts in Madrid and Leon y Barcelona in the first virtual version of the event due to COVID-19 pandemic


All historical records hit this year. More than 110.000€ was collected to fund TEN social projects. 

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