HP Charity Journey 2021: Summary

In 2021, HP Spain has celebrated the 16th edition of the HP Charity Journey, raising more than 66.000 euros to donate entirely to six different social entities! In this edition, our team of more than 100 HP volunteers selected 6 projects out of the 30 that were presented this year back in February.

Projects selected

  1. NGO ADAVAS which aims to develop activities to prevent sexual violence and abuses in youth and teenage couples. The money collected will serve this association to keep organizing its initiatives.
  2. The Fundación Colores de Calcuta, that defends human rights and aims to support people and fragile communities that suffer from exclusion and poverty. The money collected will be addressed to a project in Pilkhana (India) for the medical care of more than 400.000 people who live in extreme poverty.,
  3. The Fundació La Nineta dels Ulls, a social entity focused on researching the retinoblastoma, a rare ocular cancer, developed by children at young ages, under three years old. They will use the money collected to design and implement a mobile application for the early diagnosis of retinoblastoma.
  4. The Fundació Viver de Bell-lloc, a non-profit organizations that aims to promote personal growth and social and labor inclusion of people at risk of exclusion, especially those with intellectual disabilities or severe mental disorders, developing and participating in sustainable business and social projects. The money collected will finance a program in which young people will be able to do training to prepare them for insertion into the job market, through equipment and tools that will simulate real jobs.
  5. Nukoko Ghana, an NGO focused on sustainable development projects for rural villages in Ghana. The money collected will be used to build a classroom equipped with PCs to give young and adult people access to technology and information.
  6. The Asociación Española Contra el Cancer (AECC),  a social entity formed by patients, families, volunteers and professional collaborators that aim to assist people suffering from cancer and their families. Thanks to the money raised, this association will support 20 children suffering from cancer, and in particular they will help them with: rehabilitation and physiotherapy, professional social assistance to the families, costs from medication and sanitary products and psychological assistance.

You can read more about the project selected this year and the previous ones here

Another exceptional year

Before the pandemic, this event was carried out in a physical setting, organizing activities for employees and their families. However, this is the second year that the HP volunteers have organized all the fundraising activities virtually. The team has organized more than 30 online learning and leisure activities addressed to HP employees and families. The activities organized had the purpose to raised money while sharing knowledge on different topics and entertaining the participants. For example, the HP team hosted a session about sign language, 3D design workshops, programming for children, an Escape Room, a Bingo session, and much more!

One of the most remarkable and amusing initiatives has been the composition of this year’s HP Charity Journey song, written and played by a few HP volunteers!

You can see all the organized activities here.

Thanks to these activities organized from June to October– HP employees have achieved 33.000 euros in donations, which was matched by HP donating the same amount of money to add to the final total contributions reaching more than 66.080 euro

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible!

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