“Yo soy un héroe”: Pack de ilusión

Through the financing of this project, we seek to be able to bring hope to all these children in the onco-hematology area who are hospitalized and who today, due to the pandemic, are totally isolated in their fight against the disease. The pandemic puts the humanization of hospitals at serious risk. All entertainment activities for these brave men have been canceled and they cannot receive visits or their immediate family members. For this reason, through the packs of the illusion “I am a superhero” we want to meet a current need of pediatric hospitals: to provoke in these children the illusion and hope they need to face their treatment. With the illusion pack, these children will be able to receive games and crafts to be able to entertain themselves during the long hours they spend in the hospital. They will also receive their own school supplies (pencil cases, pencil cases, notebooks, All branded with the logo “I am a superhero” to promote the strength, effort and ability to overcome that a true hero shows.