Valora·t Talents – Program for vulnerable youth

1. Recruitment
1.1 Characterization of the scope population
1.2 Registration of the project in the data base
2. Training courses
2.1Soft skills
2.2 Professional and academic skills
3. Emphasis courses
These courses are thought to improve capacities and abilities of participants through finding their vocation, desire and interest in any specific field. There are two courses. One about professional life and the job market. This course provides the necessary knowledge and tools for participants to access their first job opportunity. The second one is about academic life. This course offers participants more specific tools, knowledge and training to access higher education. In this course it is sought that participants can access pre-university courses that will guarantee their income and facilitate their university studies and degrees. Every participant has the option to choose one of the following courses to improve their skills previously learned:
3.1 Professional life
Participants who are linked to their first job
3.2 Academic life
Participants who initiate his higher education career
4. Results and statistics report
In the final stage of the project’s execution, a final report will be delivered, containing the evaluation of indicators, number of participants who have completed their training and gotten a first job or entered a higher education institution. We will also create a tool to access the perception that every participant has about its own development within the execution of the project. All this data creates valuable information for statistics that will allow us to know how successful the results of the follow-up of participants is or what adjustments are necessary.
Tracking tools:
1. Number of participants/Number of participants who complete the process.
2. Number of participants that get their first job experience
3. Number of participants that get into higher education
4. Evaluation tool (Participant´s perception of their own process)