Psychological and legal care for victims of child sexual abuse in a situation of social exclusion

RECEPTION SERVICE (face-to-face interviews with the social worker to explore the demand and assess the most appropriate intervention proposal) ; PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC TREATMENT (Psychological treatment is comprehensive. The abusive situation cannot be taken care of independently and disconnected from the rest of the experiences, on the one hand because the consequences affect the different areas of life, and on the other hand because the suffering is presented together with other situations in their lives. life, past and present); LEGAL CARE SERVICE (will offer specialized guidance that responds to the needs of victims of abuse: making the decision to open a lawsuit, prescribing the crime, police and legal intervention, fear of reunion with the abuser, etc. The work of the legal team is carried out closely with the therapeutic team, as the memory of the traumatic experience often entails the need for psychological intervention); Within the framework of the project, various communication campaigns will be carried out to continue breaking the silence around the problem and raising awareness in society.