LA SALETA, Specialized Care Classroom for children with severe disabilities or multiple disabilities at the Nursery School

To respond to the needs of children and their families, the specialized professional care team consists of pediatric physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist – psychomotor therapist, social worker and family therapist. The activities are aimed at children, their families and the immediate environment with which direct networking is carried out. The activities are described below: Activities aimed at children: 1. Children and their families are welcomed daily on an individual basis. 2. Moments of care: hygiene, food and rest. These activities at the ages that are attended to from La Saleta and the children we are addressing are key activities in everyday life. They hide a wide range of educational and therapeutic possibilities of all dimensions of the child at the motor, cognitive, affective and social levels. 3. Individual or group activities according to the needs of each child (specific structured proposals, discovery of instruments, experimental proposal, experiential story, puppet basket, light table…). 4. Complementary inclusive activities: From these activities, children can share and enrich their feelings in other environments outside the Saleta room with other children from the Nursery School, providing different moments of real and adapted inclusion. to the needs of each child. (Exploration of the Garden, Activities in the Psychomotor Room, Activities of the nursery school’s own festive celebrations) 5. Specific interventions: These are the activities that derive from the more therapeutic work to give a greater response to the specific needs of each child. (Specific individual sessions by the physiotherapist, speech therapist, and psychologist-psychomotor therapist) 6. Multisensory stimulation: In La Saleta we have a specific room that allows an individual or small therapeutic sessions. It is a motivating, dynamic and interactive space designed to enhance sensory stimulation; these activities have allowed children with multiple disabilities to find other ways to relate to the world, feel pleasure and recognize their body. Activities aimed at families Support for children’s families is one of the main axes of the La Saleta project. The following activities are performed: 1. Daily exchange of information and individual interviews. 2. Specific family interviews with the Social Worker and / or the Family Therapist. On the one hand, family interviews with the Social Worker provide information and guidance to families in the management of technical assistance in making applications, and activating support resources. And on the other hand, the family interviews with the Family Therapist to provide emotional support to those families who need it. 3. Group of emotionally supported parents accompanied by a family therapist. In this space, families discuss the issues they have to deal with in the situation of their children. These proposals are made, about their worries and share with the group of families who attend. 4. Family activities shared with the nursery school: Finally, comment on the integration and participation of the families of La Saleta within the festive activities of the nursery school. Activities aimed at the environment: Through the coordination with the educational, health and social services, it has been possible to carry out a whole network work that is basic for the Saleta project. The relationship that develops with the different resources have made it possible to inform the reference professional of the development process of each child and family and build a common framework. At the same time, mutual advice has been generated in all the clinical and educational aspects that interfere with children’s maturation process.