Projects selected

ACOES (Santa Maria school Project)


ACOES is an NGO founded 17 years ago and based in Honduras with the willingness to bring education to the children and young living in the poorest and most vulnerable areas from Honduras. HP will fund the building and development of a new classroom, daily food and school equipment for more than 80 kids at Santa Maria school in Tegucigalpa, creating a healthy environment to promote reading, sports, friendship, nature and education among children and parents. Carmen Blasco, who presented the project, will help and monitor the project in person for some months.

Project presented by Carmen Blasco

Fundación JuanSoñador: Conecta Point


The mission of JuanSoñador Foundation is the prevention, education and promotion of kids, teenagers, youths and families coming from marginal and social exclusión situations. HP will fund the “Conecta Point” project in Galicia (Lugo and Vigo), that will create a meeting and communication space in which more than 400 peoplewill interact and learn about technology, encouraging them to learn more about STEM professions.

Project presented by Aitor Paramo

Associació Vallès Amics de la Neurologia (AVAN)


AVAN works to guarantee the rightful and needed attention and treatment for people suffering neurological diseases or disabilities, integrating and adapting this people through therapeutic, psychologic and social support and guidance. HP will enable new and specialized treatment using new technologies to adapt each program to each patient needs through sensorial stimulation and neurorehabilitation.

Project presented by Marisa Arola

Other projects submitted

Prodis Llars-Residències


Fundació Prodis is an NGO based in Terrassa (Barcelona) that works with adult people with physical or cerebral disabilities trying to improve their quality of life promoting and giving support to these people in their daily tasks.

Project presented by Oriol Antolí

GSIS (Grup Serveis Iniciativa Social)


GSIS is an NGO based in Barcelona that aims to achieve the maximum quality of life for people with mental disabilities through integral assistance and support to their families. The project submitted is about building a new occupation center to give support to more patients.

Project presented by Ramón Teixidó

Fundación Esperanza y Alegría (Project in India / Project in Madrid)


The mission of this NGO is to provide the necessary tools and preparation for children and adults in India to promote the professional and personal development of those, and generate new opportunities improving their socio-economic situation.

The project from Fundación Esperanza y Alegría in Madrid is located in the district of Pozo del Tío Raimundo, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Madrid, and its purpose is to achieve full social and labor integration of their participants covering their basic needs in terms of food. Although this project was not initially selected for the HP Barcelona Charity Day, the team has selected it to be transferred to HP Spain in Madrid, where employees will help them in their own Charity Day held in Madrid facilities.

Project presented by Dolores Martín

Associació Esportiva BCN (Col·legi educación especial Ca N’Oriol)


Associació Esportiva BCN is an NGO that promotes healthy habits among more than 430 people with mental disabilities through Sports tournaments and championships.

Project presented by Olga Anera

Fundación Emalaikat


Emalaikat is composed by a group of volunteer ophthalmologists working in Turkana region, north-Kenya, treating and giving assistance to people with different eye diseases and training local citizens as clinical officers or ophthalmologist assistants.

Project presented by Rafael Jimenez

Associació Noves Vies


Associació Noves Vies is a group of lawyers and legal experts that voluntarily give legal advice and support to people in difficulties to empower and acknowledge them on their rights.

Project presented by Josep Oncins

Associació Catalana d’integració i desenvolupament humà (acidH)


The mission of acidH is to improve the quality of life of people with limited intelligence through comprehensive care, regardless of their etiology and if there is any other disorder.

Project presented by Carles Martí

Asociación de Familias Adoptantes en China (AFAC)


AFAC was born by several families that wanted to adopt in China and currently has about 800 families from all over with the intention to provide information and support to all those people who, through adoption in China, were willing to give a family, a home, a future of normalcy to those children.

Project presented by Begoña Giralt

ASEM (Federación Española de Enfermedades Neuromusculares)


ASEM is an association of people affected by neuromuscular pathologies that promotes all kinds of activities - dissemination, research, awareness and information - aimed at improving the quality of life, integration and development of the affected.

Project presented by Begoña Giralt

Fundación Pequeño Deseo


Fundación Pequeño Deseo has the mission to fulfill the wishes of children with chronic diseases or poor prognosis in order to support them emotionally and make their illness more bearable.

Project presented by David Carballo

Fundació Friends


Friends Foundation is a non-profit organization created to help young people with Asperger syndrome (autistic spectrum disorder) and/or with social communication, relationship and empathy problems.

Project presented by Olga Ballestero

Associació Intercultural Diàlegs de Dona


This association is a place for welcoming and socializing for immigrant women born as a non-profit association in January 2013 with the intention of contributing, through intercultural dialogue among women, to the social cohesion of these groups.

Project presented by Natàlia Llima, Anna Perea, Anna Torrent and Gemma Torra

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